2020 - america needs a lovefest

Well, here we are. Australia is on fire and America is on the brink of war. What a way to start a new decade. I usually don't make resolutions, as I am constantly seeking to improve my shortcomings. It's an everyday thing. But today, I am resolving to do one thing: I am choosing today not be reactive to the swirl of chaos on the soil which I dwell.


I resolve to rise above. I resolve to remain in the light, the high frequency, higher ground, and love. We humans, you know we are so good at fooling ourselves into thinking that what we see happening around us is somebody's else fault. It's so much easier than taking ownership to the truth that the world around us is reflection of who we are internally...


I am reminded at a time like this of charitable events taking place in America, like Hands Across America which occurred on May 25, 1986, where approximately six million people formed a human chain across the country for fifteen minutes raising millions for poverty. Here's a promo about it:


My other favorite love-fest is the We Are the World music single, and video where the world's biggest entertainers collaborated in song in 1985 to raise money for humanitarian aid. It raised millions of dollars, and won a host of awards. In case you weren't born yet, or enjoyed it the first time:


Hey, someone has got to keep hope alive. I am going to be one of those people. There are generations of unborn humans counting on folks like myself. We are bigger than what we see in front of us. This has been communicated through every great seer, priest, and genius. I see a world of love, healing, freedom, peace, abundance, equality, and morality.


So although I am breaking tradition, love wins.



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