GLOW Writers Conference


All it really took was inspiration from attending my first writing conference to feel compelled to draw others into the written world of expression. Upon attending my first conference on creative nonfiction, I immediately saw an opportunity to educate potential writers of possibilities. I work in Harrisburg and am aware of the background of the population in some ways. I invited a friend who aspires to write and she felt my sentiments to see more opportunities for writers in Central Pennsylvania.


I've done my research so I know that many literary and writing conferences exist. The GLOW Writers Conference seeks to inspire, ignite, and enthuse those who have always wanted to write, maybe dabbled in writing someway, and those who need to know they have real potential. We want to show you how to figure out what your niche is in this industry. Since my partner and I both have experience in creative nonfiction, that's our niche. What does that mean, creative nonfiction? It's literary work such as essays, memoirs, diaries, journals, history, told in an interesting and engaging perspective. The part that is not creative is TRUTH. So if you want to make up a story, then we're talking fiction.


We are looking for colleges that focus on creative nonfiction degrees, publishers, distributors, and writers from across the globe. Come be a part of something that will still be a viable career path in a world rapidly becoming digitally-driven in every way possible and lets infuse some truth into our future....while we still can.


Generating Literature Out of Words is set for October 2019. Follow this website for the latest details.



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