My First Book Signing at The Noyes Arts Garage in Atlantic City!


My first book signing was extremely exciting! What a wonderful location as The Noyes Arts Garage in Atlantic City is a huge venue filled with small businesses and art as well as historical artifacts. As I entered the place and walked towards the African-American Museum, one of the first things I noticed was a banner with my name including the title of the book above where the signing was taking place. The ambience was inviting as the sounds of piano planing and vocals was heard from the front in the back of this large facility. I spent the next three hours meeting some very interesting people who shared with me snippets of their Atlantic City history and Chicken Bone Beach experiences. One thing that occurred which I was hoping would be the case from having the book signing is that I had a chance to hear the names of some of the people in the photographs that are used in the book. You see, John W. Mosley, the photographer whose images are throughout the book, did not include the names of everyone he photographed.  I also had people texting and calling their friends to find out if they were in some of the pictures. I was also in the company of great young artists who were exhibiting their work. I was videotaped by a filmmaker named Philip Barnett Jr. and interviewed by Shore Local, which generates a newspaper and magazine in the Alantic city area. I look forward to returning to New Jersey to continue to share their 


great history with others. This night was a night to remember as I take on this new venture as an author. I feel very fortunate. -CWB

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