The definition of sexy is in the eyes of the beholder-People Magazine's Sexiest man choice for 2019


I can't tell you how many posts and comments I've seen now about People Magazine's choice of John Legend as this year's Sexiest Man Alive. The comments have been quite positive and not-so-positive. You know, as nice as John Legend is, I find that even when a woman has a difference of opinion than People, their choice of words still hold a bit of tactfulness and politeness. According to People Magazine's Editor-and-Chief, Dan Wakeford, the selection process is based on polls, data and the insight of his staff. This year, sexy was defined by this "boy-next-door" type. John Legend is talented, kind, intelligent, decent, handsome, and a family man. We can all respect that angle, but when I did a search the internet of words that define, "sexy," I found words such as erotic, sensual, stimulating, attractive and lustful. Let's face it, they are a bunch of women that want John Legend's attributes in a man but they also seek to look at the sexiest man alive and be motivated to rip his clothes off. It's a new day and women are not mincing words....I don't think People heard this type of commentary about Idris Elba winning the title twice because he obviously has the type of physical qualities that a larger audience of women find attractive.


I just wanted to make a few points, on behalf of hopefully some women out there. John Legend, we don't dislike you honey. You're just don't do it physically for a lot of women. Men....especially Black men. Don't be mad at black women, in particular for speaking their minds. It doesn't mean we don't love our black men. Alright? We don't deserve to be punished for our opinion. The definition of sexy varies from person to person. I am glad that People Magazine's choice was someone I respect and admire, even if my definition of sexy doesn't mirror theirs. Congrats John Legend. Kindness is sexy, bad boys are sexy, and the lists goes on, but sexiness is truly in the eye of the beholder.

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