What Would MLK Jr. Do? - Stay Woke by Taking Action

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



By this time of day, I have read through at least a hundred posts, shared globally by those who admire and respect the man whose service resulted in today's holiday, Dr. Martin Luther-King Jr. Day. Some of us have also indulged in various activities to honor Dr. King by demonstrating examples of service. However, given the tension-filled political climate of the United States, which in so many ways affects the world, I ask myself if Dr. Martin Luther-King Jr. were alive today, what would he do in the face of a leader who is fighting to build a wall, evict immigrants whose only home has been in America, who seemingly condones racism and lacks discretion and leadership capabilities.  I believe that if he could speak to us from heaven, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would urge us to unite in peaceful ways to put a stop to any actions that are inhumane in nature. 


I hope that we realize that we can never get too comfortable or celebrate overcoming adversity. Comfort gives those in opposition with what is good and decent for all, time to plot and plan to promote and produce self-centered acts that advance the economic empowerment of select groups. Moving forward, what should we as citizens of America do to restore our nation to a land we can be proud to call our home? We toss around statements about "Staying Woke" but I don't think that would be enough for Dr. King.  Staying aware of what is going on and doing something to put a stop to it are clearly not the same. Dr. King "woke us up"  in his phenomenal speeches but he also let his actions speak, willing to do it all in a non-violent way. I understand how difficult it is to avoid hatred when our leadership slings simultaneous tweets filled with thrashing insults of every kind against any individual or organization that offends him.


Here are some suggestions of what you can do:


1. Do not repay evil for evil. Cute hate t-shirts might get you more likes, but how are they really       helping? "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him." - MLK

2. Assist with voter registration in your community. Are you registered? Do you vote?

3. Volunteer to help with political campaigning.

4. Communicated with legislators. Write them. Call them. Make appointments to meet with them.     Remember, you elected them. Unless they plan to retire, they need your support. Insist on              being heard.

5.  Protest peacefully. And often...in large numbers..on the steps of the White House, if need be.

6.  Become a politician. You don't need a college degree to run for political office.

7.  Use your social influence. Social media has power. 

8.  Do small things in a great way.

9.  Do something for others.

10. Find a cause worth dying for.


I could go on and because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left us profound and meaniful words to live by. Stay involved while you're staying woke.


- CWB 


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